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To come to possess all, desire the possession of nothing.

St. John of the Cross


Thomas Otang'a, O.C.D.


Lecture by Thomas Otang'a, O.C.D.

OCDS Members Serving the Church Today

Fr Thomas Otang’a, O.C.D.

Fr. Thomas shows us a more practical way for the Carmelites to serve the Church in the 21st century, rolling up our sleeves as it were. Beginning with John Paul II’s invocation of all Catholics to participate in the mission of the Church, Fr. Thomas lays our from this a framework by which secular Carmelites might live out this call to mission. To participate in the one mission of God, the secular Carmelites may pursue one of five possibilities: spiritual evolution and adaptation for a vibrant presence in the church, respond to growing opportunities of contemplation in society, support the province mission ad gentes in Kenya, evangelization, or take up publications and retreat ministries. Fr. Thomas goes through each one and gives practical ways to fulfill this universal call to mission.


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