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Knock in prayer and it shall be opened to you in contemplation.

St. John of the Cross


Dolores Leckey

Dolores R. Leckey is a Senior Research Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center. She is the former Executive Director of the Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women and Youth at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), where she served for twenty years.  Dolores has been an official advisor to the American Catholic bishops at two Roman Synods and has lectured widely throughout the United States as well as in Europe and Australia. She is also a member of the Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality, a member of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life, and the Advisory Committee for the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network. She is a member of the Committee of 100 in Arlington, Virginia, and with her late husband is a founding member of the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing. Dolores Leckey has written numerous books on spirituality and theology.


Lecture by Dolores Leckey

Carmel's Quest for the Living God: A Lay Perspective
Dolores Leckey

This lecturer gives us her own lay perspective of how, over many years in her quest for the living God, Carmelites have been pivotal in her own spiritual journey. Her adult spiritual awakening happened when she was 27 and was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. A long recovery provided much time for contemplation. She learned to pray and eventually journeyed to Avila and discovered the importance of Teresa’s work. She was impressed by how, in earlier years in the midst of caring for family, civic commitments, attempts to nurture the life of the mind, attending to vocation of marriage, Teresa - a 16th Century mystic, gave her - a lay woman of the 20th Century, both hope and a practical methodology for finding some center in the midst of the complex responsibilities of life.