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How can nothingness even the balance between itself and plenitude?

St. Teresa Margaret Redi


Forum 2007
Carmel: A School for Prayer
(7 CD Set)

Martha & Mary Working Together:
Teresa’s Meditation on Song of Songs

Kevin Culligan O.C.D.

Teresa of Jesus’ instructions on prayer are found in her numerous writings, especially her major works. These works, however, do not exhaust her teaching on prayer, which may also be found in her lesser-known writings, her poetry and letters, her spiritual testimonies and soliloquies, and especially her meditations on the Song of Songs. This talk will provide background for Teresa’s writing these meditations for her Carmelite nuns, summarize their content, and suggest their principle teaching including how Teresa understood the secret of harmonizing action and contemplation.


Praying with Brother Lawrence:
The Practice of the Presence of God

Gregory Klein O.Carm

According to Brother Lawrence, the practice of the presence of God is a simple, loving, contemplative attention to God with us always. We do not need to put ourselves to a lot of trouble he says to learn this method of prayer. We serve God in Holy freedom and work faithfully to bring our minds back to God as often as possible.


Eros and the Song of Songs in John of the Cross

Keith Egan T.O.Carm

In The Living Flame of Love, John of the Cross speaks about a hunger for God that is so intense that it makes the soul faint. John would surely have had in mind not only Psalm 84 from which he took that phrase, but Saint Augustine’s Heart is Restless Until it Rests in You. Longings of the heart are the stuff of the human story.


Dark Passage to Prophecy

Constance Fitzgerald O.C.D.

This lecture explores transformation in love through the consequential and highly charged current connecting contemplation to three subjects that are interrelated: silence, hope, and prophecy.


Story of a Soul: A New Arrangement of the Texts

Kieran Kavanaugh O.C.D.

How did Thérèse’s The Story of a Soul come about? This book is by a young woman who had spent 15 years in the comparative safety of a devout catholic household and the remaining 9 years in the quiet atmosphere of a cloistered community of some 20 Carmelite nuns at Lisieux, Normandy. What prompted this young, inexperienced girl to write the story of her soul, a story that has had a spiritual impact on all types of people and been translated into all languages in all nations from simple unlearned people to the highly educated and learned. Recent publications have revealed some precise information regarding her writings.


Dark Fire: The Prayer of St. Thérèse

Daniel Chowning O.C.D.

Retitled by the author to “Sleeping Jesus, Sleeping Thérèse: Saint Thérèse - a Contemplative Soul,” this lecture examines Thérèse’s years of struggle with sleep during prayer. Her honesty about this dilemma provides a precious insight into her contemplative experience as an enclosed Carmelite nun. Upon closer examination, we discover the purity of her love and profound confidence in God in all of her slumbering prayer.


Barbe Acarie & the Beginnings of Carmel in France

Mary Frohlich R.S.C.J.

Barbe Acarie was a remarkable woman who demonstrated a Christian way and left a lasting legacy to her church. She began to have overwhelming mystical experiences at the age of 24 as a mother of five young children and later became a Carmelite Lay Sister remembered as Blessed Marie of the Incarnation, OCD. Her story includes the beginnings of Teresan Carmel in France in the 16th century and gives insight into the paths to become a Carmelite Sister at that time.