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Well and good if all things change. Lord God, provide we are rooted in You.

St. John of the Cross


Our Carmelite Vocation
(3 CD Set)

Our Carmelite Vocation: Who do YOU say that I am?

Fr. Regis Jordan OCD

“But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter replied,”You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” This conference discussions how our charism answers this question in the Rule of St. Albert, the OCDS Constitutions and other foundations of our Carmelite vocation.


Our Carmelite Vocation: What do YOU want?

Fr. Regis Jordan OCD

Contemplation, the gift of God, is the goal of the Teresian Carmelite tradition. All our preparation instills in us the love of God, which moves us to relationship with Him in prayer. St. Teresa calls this a “friendly conversation with someone we know loves us … you have to do it frequently.”


CD316 CD312
Our Carmelite Vocation: Whose are YOU?

Fr. Regis Jordan OCD

Humility, detachment and self-knowledge are the fundamentals our Holy Mother tells us are essential for our entire journey with God.